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Kickass Quotes 8

Posted by Jolly on July 21, 2013

China J10A Chi Weimeng
China J10A 
Photo by Chi Weimeng

The most important thing to a fighter pilot is speed; the faster an aircraft is moving when he spots an enemy aircraft, the sooner he will be able to take the bounce and get to the Hun. If you have any advantage on him, keep it and use it. When attacking, plan to overshoot him if possible, hold fire until within range, then shoot and clobber him down to the last instant before breaking away. It's like sneaking up behind someone and hitting them with a baseball bat.

 Duane W. Beeson, P-51 pilot, 4th Fighter Group

I think most of the good fighter pilots I have known were pretty much “devil-may-care” types…especially during wartime. I’m sure it was partially to avoid becoming too obsessed with the inherent dangers of being a pilot in combat. Although they were not very intellectual, they were extremely intelligent and, in most case, team players. Of course, the successful ones were exceptionally competent aviators and knew their aircraft’s capabilities as well as it’s limitations. They all really enjoyed flying and particularly aerobatics.
Lieutenant Commander H.B. Moranville, USN

“Those who can, do; those who can’t teach,” and prayed that I might not be posted to a Training Squadron.

 Sagittarius Rising memoirs of Cecil Lewis

Coumbia A-37B Dragonfly Rogier Westerhuis
Columbia A-37B Dragonfly
Photo by Roger Westerhuis


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Posted by gat1537 on
Great to see a quote from The Boise Bee, Duane Beeson. He was way ahead of his time even as a kid in high school where he kept a poster on his wall that said: "Make your good better, and your better best." No question that being in the 4th around guys like John Godfrey and Don Gentile, to name a few, helped him with his driving goal.
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