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Posted by Jolly on September 11, 2012


It's been eleven years since 911.  We have a tendency to think about this horrific event once a year on the anniversary and then forget about it.  We need to let this image burn in our memory each and everyday to remember the black eye we got on that day in September.  Most of you have seen this picture before on the site, but I've never told the story of how the photograph was taken.

This picture was taken in August 2001 over NYC.  Ringo snapped this shot of NYC with Albie in the front seat of an F-15D, and me leading on the left wing in a C model.  Both jets were from the 95th FS,  the world famous "Boneheads."  Ringo is the one who made this photo happen.  On our way up to Maine for a cross county, we flew over NYC at about 30K on a clear and a million kind of day.  Ringo asked me if we could get a better look at NY by flying lower on our RTB.  I told him there was no way that would get approved, but go ahead and try to coordinate it.  He called NY approach control by phone and evidently got the right crew chief on the phone who said "give us a call when you guys are about 50 miles north.”  So we did, and we liked it, and there was much rejoicing when we got approval.  

At 50 miles north I contacted NY approach and they cleared us VFR with flight following to come down the Hudson below 3000 feet.  It was just an amazing day with an incredible view of sights like Yankee Stadium, downtown Manhattan, and Lady Liberty.  Without a doubt the most memorable VFR leg of my life.  Thanks Ringo!  

Ringo snapped this shot abeam the twin towers.  When we got the picture back a week later we all said, "Wow, that's an amazing picture."  We had no idea how amazing it was until about two weeks later when those dirt bags committed one of the most cowardly acts in history.  Side note, my cousin was in the second tower and got out right before second aircraft hit.  

I had this photograph blown up before I retired from the 95th Fighter Squadron with the words "Never Forget our mission is to Fly, Fight, and Win our Nations Wars."



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