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Posted by Jolly on October 23, 2007



22 year old KICKASS video.  A bit scratchy but still KICKASS.

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Posted by RobertWRominger on
I have the original copy of that video if you would like to clean up your posted version. I also have the A-10 original, and the original audio for "I Got the Low-Life, Scumsuckin', Eatin-shit, WSO Blues.
Posted by f4gib on
Robert, I would much like to have a cleaner copy of this video. Being a former "Pitter" was some of the best times of my life. The copy I was copied from an old beta max and is about worn out. Having a digital version would be great to pass along to my Grandson. The Audio file would be great also.
Posted by Haystack on
Robert, I am also looking for the "WSO Blues" audio file. Thanks.
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