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The Fighter Jock as Seen By:

Posted by Jolly on September 5, 2007


The Fighter Jock as Seen By:

Headquarters pukes:
A drunken, brawling, jeep steeling, woman corrupting liar with a big watch, survival knife, filthy mouth, whose mind is always in the gutter, looking for a place to cash a five dollar check.
His Squadron Commander:
A fine specimen of a drunken, jeep stealing, woman corrupting liar with a big highly accurate watch, worn out hat, dirty boots and flying suit, looking for a place to cash a five dollar check.
His wife/girlfriend:
A stinking, gross, rude, foul-mouthed lout who arrives home every two or three weeks with a bag of dirty laundry, never has a dime, huge ugly watch, dirty hat, and dirty mind.
Government bureaucrats:
An overpaid, over rated tax burden who is indispensable because he will go anywhere anytime so long as he can drink, brawl, steal jeeps, corrupt women, lie, sing dirty songs, kick dogs, wear dirty flight suits, and bounce five dollar checks.
(a highly accurate view) a swashbuckling, bashful and silent gentleman, occasionally known to take a sip of sherry, handsome, highly trained professional aviator, frequently idolized by beautiful young women, who carries a finely honed survival knife, who is always on time due to the accuracy of his watch, who occasionally may hitch a ride in a jeep.


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