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Tuskegee Airmen

By Borg on August 9, 2008 in FU Heroes

Tuskegee Airmen were dedicated, determined young men who enlisted to become America's first black military airmen, at a time when there were many people who thought that black men lacked intelligence, skill, courage and patriotism.Read More >

James Stockdale - FU Hero

By admin on August 1, 2008 in FU Heroes

James Bond Stockdale was a true American hero.  He was a Medal of Honor recipient, former Viet Nam prisoner of war (POW), naval aviator and test pilot, and academic.Read More >

Billy Mitchell - FU Hero

By admin on July 12, 2008 in FU Heroes

Billy Mitchell defined what it means to be a "fighter pilot."  He was a future thinking, superior cussing, non-conforming, middle fingering, Navy sinking, bullshit calling, non careerist being, Air Power advocating, Army bashing, beer drinking (FU assumption), song singing (read previous), All American fighter pilot.Read More >

Kickass Deployment Story

By Rowdy on July 10, 2008 in Nature of the Beast

When fighter squadrons deploy great distances, occasionally, with some luck enroute, they get to stop at some kickass location.Read More >

How to Be a Fighter Pilot

By Rowdy on July 2, 2008 in Nature of the Beast

We never realized it before but apparently he's right.  That's really all the chicks dig any way; big watch, cool car, couple bumper stickers.Read More >

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