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Since the beginning of time warriors have sought to reduce the stress and horrors of battle. Through the millennium the consistent methods they have chosen, not surprisingly, have been humor and song. Fighter pilots have continued that practice with enthusiasm.

Obviously, the higher the stress, the more welcome the break from that strain. Laughter is one of the great relievers of tension and uncertainty. The FU Theater Department at Fighter Pilot University has dedicated a portion of their syllabus to the humor and wit of the fighter pilot. That humor is often twisted, frequently dashed with a bit of sexism and a common air of superiority, but always a willingness to laugh at themselves.

FU Theater Department curriculum consists of two areas, jokes and cool stuff. Jokes; self-explanatory. Cool Stuff are entries submitted by the Theater Department's audio/visual unit who search the web to bring to you the funny, weird and interesting things that make fighter pilots laugh. Pretty kickass job.

The FU Music Department is continuously updating our music library. Our objective is to provide you with the lyrics and tunes to these songs so that your squadron can learn them and continue the proud tradition of fighter pilot songs. When available, each song will have an accompanying music file that will allow you to listen to an actual performance. Just click, listen and follow the written lyrics. One note, some of these songs contain words that some people may find offensive. We will provide you with an F-BOMB ALERT in those situations. We will also sanitize the written lyrics. However, if you want to hear the music file and click on the play symbol, you will hear a full-up version, offensive words and all.

If you have any songs that you want posted or music files containing a live version of any of your favorite fighter pilot songs send them to the FU Dean of Music at

Enjoy them and keep singing damn it!

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Fighter pilots are doing amazing things all over the world. On these pages we're going to acknowledge some of the Kickass accomplishments that squadrons and individual fighter pilots have achieved.

Kickass is probably the ultimate compliment you can give a fighter pilot. Kickass encompasses thank you, good job, awe inspiring, well done, good on you, and shit hot. Kickass is short and to the point. Kickass acknowledges that your efforts were worthy of a fighter pilot.

German F-4F Phantom II

Photo courtesy of Thoralf Doehring

Whether it's a squadron returning from a combat location, an individual fighter pilot winning a bombing competition, a unit picnic where the fighter pilots Kickass on the maintainers in some sporting activity or any other noteworthy Kickass event, let us know through our Contact FU page. Send your pictures and your stories. We'll pop a couple of brews and read them over. If they indeed meet the standards of Kickass, we'll use them.

Fighter Pilot University Dean of Greatness

Swedish JAS 39D Gripen

Photo courtesy of Karl Drage

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