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Posted by Jolly on November 25, 2012

india_cow.jpgI found this projected top 10 list for the year 2020.  I have two major problems with the list.  First, the PAK-50 being superior to the F-22 remains to be seen.  Second, how could India possibly have a fighter in the top 10, and at number 3 no less?  Having flown into India many times, I have serious doubts that India could produce a fighter that's anywhere close to the F-22, let alone better than the F-35.  All you have to do is take a trip to India, experience how bad their ATC is, how ridiculous their immigration procedures are, watch traffic come to a halt for a cow in the road (they are sacred after all), and see how bad the living conditions are for the average Indian to see what I mean.  Now they are technologically very advanced for sure, but you need to remove any form of common sense from the equation to paint an accurate picture.  I'm sorry, but COME ON MAN!

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Posted by butch71 on
I would put up any our fighters againsts any foreign aircraft.
Posted by LurchD on
Nice the see the Eagle still on the list at almost age 50. -Lurch
Posted by Maestro on
Well, there's 2:43 I won't get back. Here's the crazy thing about US fighters...when we develop the prototype, we have enough money in the treasury to actually build them and integrate them into our forces. It remains to be seen whether Russia can do that with the PAK-FA. As for the other "developmental" aircraft...shiny brochures man, shiny brochures.
Posted by Jolly on
From El Coonyo:

Really, who gives a f--k. all the Jets the "B" team can put up are replications of US jets.........that are already flying...except for the Flanker.
Posted by EastIndian on
Funny no really, Americans being offended by a silly video. And when did cows halt fighters flying in the sky? you people please worry about the Chinese instead they stole the F-35 designs and have produced the J-31.At least we Indians didn't do that.
Posted by IAFIndian on
That's nice, our being in the top 3.

And here's why.
a. The AMCA development is happening & will continue.
b. Yes @Maestro is kind of right. Russia ran out of money and we funded them so that we could do joint development and co-own the PAK-FA. No, the AMCA is not connected to the PAK-FA. We're in the process of getting one into the air:
c. Yes, US Fighter pilots ran into very serious issues at Cope Thunder
I saw how bad it was for them.

I see a lot of Rah Rah & patting yourself on your collective asses. That is good as you need to keep your motivations high. But I assume you would do a better job de-briefing and understand the real reasons why these happened. I would think being honest with ones self is the first step to improving and that is what debriefing is all about.
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