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Damn, That Sucks!

Posted by aaron on June 12, 2009

Here's a rather strange video, at least from the aspect of accompanying music and audio. This appears to be some kind of A-4 chase mission evaluating something that's going on with or coming off this Hornet. When things start to go wrong here I'll guarantee that the Skooter driver's first comment was either "HOLY SHIT!!" or "What the F**K!?!" 

Don't see any evidence of the pilot getting out. Although this is a serious situation, again, the music and audio is kind of amusing, but strange. 

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Posted by NotQuiteAnLT on
The audio and music is from the video game HALO. There is a cut scene in one of the games where one of the player's ships gets hit,
rolls over, and crashes similar to the A-4. Not the best music/video pairing.

Could that be a YF-17 (Hornet predecessor) instead of an F-18?
Posted by VD on
I read about this in Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine. Not 100% on but I have heard/seen it before. The A-4 was filming a weapons release test on the Hornet. Didn't quite work out the way they had planned. As I recall everyone made it out. I think the A-4 ejections are just off frame in the video.
Posted by Mark on
Right at the last of the video, you can see the pilot eject. Probably was being whipped around in there pretty badly, then waited till he had a clear shot to eject without going through too much flame.
Posted by Badger on
Skooter pilot ejects right at the end of video clip, as you can see the canopy com off and pilkot gets out.
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