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Eurofighter Drag Race

Posted by Jolly on November 13, 2013



Leave it to the Brits for a kickass race like this.


Posted by JDTone on
It may have been closer if the Jet would have had to come closer to the deck before making the mile run...........
Posted by geek707 on
If the fighter had been able to go supersonic, it would not have been close. The Bug was balls out as fast as it could go. The end would have been fun, too. He sees the plane go by, then Bam! Gets hit by the sonic boom.
Posted by ozboing on
but the jet travelled further than the car

down the run way then up a mile then back down the run way
Posted by Jake on
Yeah, but the "zero" turning ability of the eurofighter was also in play here. If it had bee say and F-16 or some other traditional jet, the dayron may have won it.
Posted by Angie on
That was Great!! So close yet so far away. I would LOVE to fly in a jet!! Airforce, NASA..anyone willing to take a passenger?? =)
Posted by ToinBach on
The "Hamster", for it was he, is always up to that sort of thing. He got very lucky last year when he was rescued from a crashed dragster that had rolled at nearly 300 mph. At lest he won the race from some dead end place in Europe to Waterloo Station.
Posted by Lou on
Someone made a comment that if the Eurofighter went supersonic it would have won by more. The Fighter can not go supersonic in a mile climb straight up. If it went supersonic on the way down it would not be able to make the pull up at the end. Someone else mentioned the zero turn ability of the Eurofighter. What do you mean by a zero turn ability. Did you mean to say turn radius.
Posted by Chris on
Well, small technical note, but the jet did have gravity on its side on the return
Posted by RWCharp on
I agree the jet did approx 4 miles 1 down the strip one straight up and one
down and one back to the finish line approx. I think the jet blew his ass off.
Posted by McKee91 on
There's no comparison between a jet airplane and a car.
Posted by MDRoss on
Everytime I view this it gives me cold chills.Just because both vehicles are so amazing,no matter the outcome.
Posted by Gloria on
Way too freakin' cool.
Posted by srmalloy on
The fighter may have had gravity on its side on the way down, but it had gravity working against it on the way up, and since it comes down faster than it went up, gravity has less time to help it accelerate coming down. It winds up being a small net disadvantage to the fighter.
Posted by Wes on
The way the race was described, I was under the impression the jet was going to have to land on the runway and cross the finish line on it's gear. If that were the way the race was run, I think the car would have creamed the jet as the jet would have had to decelerate so much to actually touch down.

Perhaps if the jet did a touch and go across the finish line it would have been a close race
Posted by deberhard on
love to see that from the pilots point of veiw. the plane should have at least have had landing gear down, ready to touch down on the mile marker!
Other than that, that was a cool video man!
Posted by JeffyPooh on
In races between motorbikes and cars that happen to be faster,
the bikers always snivel, "Yeah, but the motorbike is only $10k
and that car is like $300k."

So I supposed one could make the same comparison here. Well,
assuming that I was a sniveling biker.
Posted by LloydFrench on
Why are you monitoring my web browsing?
Posted by borg on
I'm not sure what you're talking about. We don't monitor anyones web browsers. We don't even know how to do that and have no reason to do so. If there is some confusion about this please email me at and I'll try to figure out what the deal is.
Posted by Alan on
This is awesome to watch. I want to dowm-load it. Can anyone help?
Posted by ChuckShermanJr on
I'd like to have been in either for the thrill!!!
Posted by CaT on
WOW! What an amazing race. I agree that both vehicles are way too impressive. no matter who won or why, just watching them is a cool experience, I can't imagine actually BEING there... wow and more wow!!!
Posted by Mike22 on
I adore such videos. I often find something similar at rapidshare SE . Such pictures drive me crazy. I like to do something similar.
Posted by Madchan on
The fighter may have had gravity on its side on the way down, but it had gravity working against it on the way up, and since it comes down faster than it went up, gravity has less time to help it accelerate coming down. It winds up being a small net disadvantage to the fighter.
Posted by jeremy on
Great for videos. Thanks for sharing. Eurofighter is one of the msot impressive drag race I've ever seen! I've downloaded the HD version at this file search engine
Posted by rapidshare on
i dowload so many vidoes from here. thanx alot for give the opportunity to give this opportunity
Posted by satish on
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Posted by alex on
Thanks for the informative post.
Posted by smith on
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Posted by alex on
Eurofighter are the best fighting planes in the world :) they are my big love after i have first see them, my second love i found on
Posted by paulphonix on
The hamster RAF Eurofighter takes more supercar in the world. It is one mile and again the circuit (literally to the jet) and possibly more fun drag race Top Gear to date. Except for the one when the jet crashed Richard dragster power ...
Posted by anokhi on
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Posted by Andrew on
It was suggested that if he went to Europe, supersonic fighter, he would have won more comments. Fighter can not climb straight up to a mile supersonic. If the way he went supersonic, it can no longer be pulling in the end. Reference was made to zero at the turn of the ability of the Eurofighter. What is the meaning of your zero-turn capability. You want to say, the turning radius. thanks
Regards Andrew From
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