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Fighter Pilot Trivia 7

Posted by Jolly on March 12, 2009

FUF14_Patch_Wht.jpgContinuing your graduate-level education process here at Fighter Pilot University, we have a pop quiz for you today. Stop your whining, it’s not our fault if you haven’t kept up with the curriculum.
Today’s subject, probably the biggest movie star, fighter aircraft of all time, the F-14 Tomcat. The 1986 movie, Top Gun, turned the Tomcat into an international icon. Certainly, US Navy recruiting went through the ceiling.  But, the F-14 was much more than that.
Give it your best shot. How much do you know about the F-14 Tomcat? When you’ve completed the quiz, please leave the room quietly and do not disturb those that are still working on the completing the test.

Fighter Pilot Trivia


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