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Fighter Pilot Trivia 8

Posted by Jolly on April 9, 2009

iwm-duxford-battle-of-britain-1299.jpgThe Battle of Britain was probably the greatest, prolonged struggle of fighter pilots in the history of aviation. Fighter pilots from both sides of the English Channel fought gallantly and courageously.  British historians place the dates of the Battle of Britain between early July through the end of October 1940, which was the most intense period of daylight bombing by the Germans. There have been numerous books written and plenty of movies made about the fighter pilots that fought to win this aerial battle for their country. Of course, had the Germans succeeded and the British failed, the entire outcome of World War II would have been altered greatly.
Here's a short, undergraduate level quiz about The Battle of Britain and some of the fighters, personalities and events that made it one of the most intense and important struggles of the early years of World War II.
Cheating will not be tolerated!!


Fighter Pilot Trivia


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