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I Fought For You

Posted by Jolly on November 11, 2016


 Less than 1% of our nation is stepping up to serve today to protect our nation, it is certainly a very appropriate video.




Posted by Doc on
SHACK Jolly...Standing Tall!
Posted by bt1673 on
I remember my father saying those words. He also said that some day I will have friends from all the places he has fought. He was right. I have lived a blessed life because of his sacrifices, and I have friends from Germany, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and so many more.
Posted by jmuxen on
This one really hits home !--------The kids, nowadays, do not have a clue as to what the Strongest Generation did for them. This is for my friend, Lorvey Schwinck, who piloted a B-17, over Germany, when he was only 19 years old. Thanks,Lorv----------------MUX HM2
Posted by DJ1 on
"...and who will defend freedom? If not I, whom? If not now, when?"
As MUX said, "this really hits home". Too bad it was only a script. I haven't seen many young kids lately who would put God and Country before electronic games.
God Bless our troops and God bless the USA!
Posted by butch71 on
Thanks Jolly for posting this video. Because a friend sent the same video by the email and brought tears to my again and I salute you and my fellow veterans.
Posted by acsunrize on
Thanks for this post. Now, more than ever in our history, we need to remind ourselves, our children, and grandchildren of the sacrifices that have been made to provide us with the security of the USA.
Posted by PeteEagleGeek on
Awesome video, people are too quick to forget the sacrifices that were made for them and that a lot of brave men and women have given their tomorrow for our today
Posted by BobDarthDrabant on
Sierra Hotel FPU
Posted by XF4driver on
Thank all of you for your service.
If not I then whom, if not now, when?
Posted by Lyndy33 on
So here we are in 2019, arguing in DC about where to fight next or worse, where to continue fighting a never ending war. It is time for peace. I am old. I too fought for you. I hope you never have to do what I did for you.
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