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Kickass Nickname

Posted by Jolly on June 25, 2013

Sir Jock Stirrup


Sir Graham Eric Stirrup was a senior RAF commander and former British Chief of the Defense Staff.

Whatever he's done that is one kickass nickname!!  Brings up all kinds of 
visual images.

One point however, fighter pilots should not have pictures taken with their hands touching.  There's something, uh, well, uh,something kind of gay about that.

Not A Kickass Name

Jack Imhoff


Mr. Imhoff is an aquatic ecologist employed by the Fish and Wildlife Branch, of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources as a research scientist and also works with Trout Unlimited Canada.

Uh...I don't think there's anything else to say


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Posted by Jolly on
From Craig:

Hey, I'm not even sure how I got on your email recipient list, but when I saw the "kickass nickname" thing, it made me think of the time when I was a pilot at the North Dakota Air Guard, and we had a guy come from the active duty to fly with us, who was a higher ranking guy, (I think he was a bird colonel), so it automatically made you stress out a little bit, and make sure you briefed extra thoroughly, even though most of those guys were just enjoying being a higher ranking guy, travelling around, flying with fighter squadrons all over the country who they knew were going to kiss your ass, just because you were a full colonel....anyway, this full colonel shows up to fly with us and "evaluate" how we operated. I was supposed to brief him on local procedures, and specifics of the airplane we were flying...(F16 ADF, which had some weird systems that some guys weren't familiar with) this guy shows up and his name tag says "Andy Dichter" ..........My first thought is, "I can't belive an O6 is wearing a Friday nametag for a mid-week training sortie"....that's pretty clever...but it's kind of unprofessional for an O6 to be wearing his "party" nametag when you're away from home, flying with a bunch of guys you've never met......Well, it really was the guys name....How cool is that? To have a party worthy nametag, and it's your real name.....OK, that's all I have for now....craig "merkin" schroeder North Dakota Air Guard (retired)
Posted by Jolly on
Hey Jolly! Who wudda thunk it? Jock was my flight commander in my very first operational assignment in RF-4s at Bergstrom AFB Tx. Brings back a lot of memories . . .

God's Blessings,

Uncle Milty
Posted by LieSniper on
Jock was an RAF Exchange Officer in the 91st TRS at Bergstrom AFB from about 1979-81 and was my Flight Commander at the time. Jock broke my wrist during an impromptu flag football game after a WX CNX of the morning sortie one foggy January morning. He blind-sided me and I ended up on my A$$ with injurious results. That cured me of intramural sports. I spent the next six weeks in the RSU every day until the break healed. One day Jock was in a pissy mood and was going on & on about the RAF is better this, and RAF is better that. We'll I finally had a belly full of it and said "Look Jock, we kicked your A$$ in two wars and bailed you out of two others so I don't see where you've got any room to bitch about with America's warmaking capabilities. One other thing; Jock could fly the daylights out of a jet, but I do have to admit the hand thing is a bit Thunderbirdish.

Uncle Milty
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