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Mr Bones

Posted by admin on February 11, 2010

Here's a video from my old squadron, The Boneheads.  A Hollywood filmmaker spent six months in the squadron shooting video for this production and tried unsuccessfully to make it into a reality TV series called "American Fighter Pilot."  

The nuggets in the video were actual students from an F-15 B-Course back in 2000.  The background stories were kind of lame, but the airborne video shots were awesome.  They mounted several cameras on the fuselage and in the cockpit and filmed over 100 hours of actual BFM and ACM.  

I'm sure some of you will recognize many of the dudes in the video, and the solo party scenes in the bar are the real deal.  Can't really see Mr Bones very well in the video, but he's the oldest fighter pilot in the bar hanging out in his coffin.  So grab some jalapeno popcorn, a beer, and raise your glasses to Mr F--king Bones!
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