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One Guy's Image of Fighter Pilots

Posted by aaron on March 26, 2009

Here's an interesting video put together by a regular guy on the street. Definitely not a fighter pilot by trade. It's his interpretation of the life of fighter pilot. Here's what he says about the video he created. "My response to the images of war that I see on television. A very crude simulation of what I think it would be like to be a fighter pilot."
Now, we could throw out our impression of this video. We could discuss the symbolic imagery, remark on the artist interpretation of the violent impacts of sight and sound or the reoccurring themes of aggression; but we're not going to. No, as in all art forms, individual analysis and conceptualization is critical to one's own view and feeling towards any creation. Art is like pornography, you'll know it when you see it.
Take a look. See if you share Ian Clutterbuck's impression of what it must be like to be a fighter pilot.

I you have problems viewing the video hit refresh or click here.

91st TFS, RAF Woodbridge, UKOK, we do have one comment. In the scene where the guy was walking in the store and having his fighter pilot flashbacks? Those weren't flashbacks, they were yearnings for days gone by, missions once flown. Now if he'd had some kickass FU gear on in the store, people would know he was a fighter pilot. Folks would be walking up to him and saying, "Holy shit, you were a fighter pilot? That kicksass!! You're awesome!!" When you've got people worshipping you, you don't have time for flashbacks or feeling sorry for yourself because you're too old now to actually fly fighters.  Get your FU gear at the FU Store so that the hero worship never stops.


Posted by viperdoc on
WTFO...Ian Clutterbut or whatever, go back to smoking your whacky tabacy
or sipping that laced coolaid. Maybe you'll find the meaning of Nostradamas or
for that matter your own life.
Posted by Sandy on
Holy Shit I think I had a seizure!!! pretty cool actually
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