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Protestors? Really?

Posted by aaron on June 1, 2010

Borg ran into these gentlemen at an airshow that he fly into recently. These two are actually protesting war and US operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. Interestingly though, both of their signs more blatantly support the very thing they’re protesting.

Missouri Protestors

“THESE MACHINES KILL TERRORISTS” No shit!! That’s what they do and quite well we might add. Thank you to all those who fly these machines.
“WHO WOULD JESUS BOMB? Isn’t that a bit rhetorical? That’s like asking what would Napoleon do if he had an A-10? He’d bomb the enemy. Geez, some people, no imagination.


Posted by nickdecker on
I just don't understand why Borgs zipper is so low, and that is a differant flight cap.
Posted by Marisol on
These clowns wouldn't last five minutes in Afghanistan. Send 'em there to "protest". Bastards.
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