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Resurrect the Raptor

Posted by Jolly on February 15, 2010

Robert Schilpp's a high school junior. He sent us this research paper, Resurrect the Raptor, that he was required to complete for school. We were quite impressed. Well written, researched and we like what he says. 
Reminded me of the big research paper I had to do in high school. MyFUF22AJoeyCollura.jpg topic of choice was the History of Witchcraft. I thought it might be a cool topic that chicks would dig. Let's just say it wasn't and they didn't. The end result was nowhere near the quality of Robert's. I'm not sure any of my college papers where this quality either.
Robert didn't tell us what grade he got other than that he passed. Our professors at Fighter Pilot University say it's a definite A+ and worthy of post-graduate work. Because of that FU has offered Robert a free ride at our prestigious University. Totally free; room, board, tuition, books. The whole shootin' match. We're pretty sure Robert will take us up on our offer because, at Fighter Pilot University, you don't have to attract chicks with cool paper topics, you attract them because you're going to be a fighter pilot.

Resurrect the Raptor

“Not to have an adequate air force in the present state of the world is to compromise the foundations of national freedom and independence.” 

Winston Churchill, House of Commons, 14 March 1933
As requested by Secretary Gates, President Obama approved the fiscal year (FY) 2010 Federal Budget Plan of terminating United States Air Force’s, F-22 Raptor, after building only 187 aircraft. Continuing F-22 production is vital to the nation’s requirement for uncontested air superiority over the next 30 years, just as the nation enjoyed for the last 30 years with the F-15A-D Eagle.  Without more F-22s, many United States Air Force pilots will be asked to defend this country by flying 35-40 year old Eagles.  Imagine pulling 9G’s in a 40 year old jet!  Some suggest that the F-35 can substitute for an F-22.  The F-35 will be a fantastic replacement for the multi-role F-16, AV-8, A-10, F-111 and F/A-18, and capable of defending itself. However, it was not designed to carry eight air-to-air missiles, fly above 50,000 ft and faster than Mach 1.5 without afterburner--and as such it cannot replace the F-15 Eagle in the United States Air Force’s air superiority/air dominance role.  This “penny-wise and pound-foolish” decision to terminate the F-22 purchase at 187, could lead us into a future conflict of attrition where Air Force pilots are forced to fly second-best, obsolete or old air-to-air fighters, while restarting the F-22 line could prove too expensive or take too long. Termination of the F-22 program is an unnecessary risk to the future defense of the United States.


Posted by VD on
Have to admit it is probably better argued than I would have been able to do. My position is usually, "buy more because they are kick ass" Same argument I used about the SR-71. What is amazing is Congress is going to let this happen, there are a lot of F-22 jobs going away in traditional Democratic states. My only hope is somewhere Congress sneaks some $$ into the budget to keep long lead items available or at least the production line on "simmer'

Posted by Robo on
I rewrote it senior year to make it more in-depth and add more sources, by far the best research paper I have ever written.
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