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Swiss Again!

Posted by Jolly on April 8, 2013


Here they are at it again, the Swiss just kickass!  There are some great shots of the Hornet and F-5 for all you old Gomers out there.


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aggressor.jpg  F16gomer.jpg

f5gomer.jpg  f18gomer.jpg

f5hat.jpg    hornetaggressor.jpg  f16aggressor.jpgflynavy.jpg


Posted by Jolly on
From Budman:

...I see the F5 below has the trigger down--the M39 deflectors are up...
Concerning the F5 & F18, I initially had a tough time in a VID environment when both were present, especially when F5F's were involved. F5Fs & Hornets really look alike at many aspect angles.
Clark, circa 1987, the Sings and Gomers (F5s) were on our side (DCA) against the Marines (F18 OCA) and whomever they were escorting. Quite a few post-merge F15 shots weren't taken or delayed/jammed and missed to avoid Frat. Good discipline, but a bit frustrating. Woulda been good to have had today's heads-up look, lock & shoot capabilities...but no whining! Cheers!
Posted by Jolly on
From Cooney:

Great videos.
Just like "Top Gun" was a great love story with some flying scenes in them!
The last time I looked around. They weren't in the Desert. So the only thing I can figure is that they have cool toys, and don't know what else to do with them. .....Wow! How bout make cool videos with cheezey Euro Techno background music with our Alps in the background!!!!
BTW nice ridge crossing.
You know what?
Since we are Grounding our show teams.......let them come over here and fill our Blue Angel and Thunderbird shows !!
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