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Typhoon Haircut

Posted by rowdy on February 24, 2014


There aren't any people in the world that love to look at fighter planes/jets more than the Brits.  There are Englishmen that plan their entire holiday around standing outside some air base in Europe, Asia, the U.S etc., so that they can get some coveted photographs of departing and arriving fighters.

Back in the 80's, before then and probably still today, every air base in the UK, British or USAF, had a place where photographers, amateur and professional, gathered to get the best shots.  At RAF Bentwaters, by walking through a farmer's field, people could get to a fence corner that was immediately across the base perimeter road, no more than a hundred feet from the last chance/arming area.  Some days there were 40-50 people standing there taking pictures and recording tail numbers.  At that same time, the annual RAF Mildenhall air show, the largest military air show in the world, ten thousand people lined the perimeter of the base to watch, photograph and document the arrival of planes and fighters from around the world.  Brits just can't enough of that stuff.

Here's a pretty cool video that shows that they still love to watch them even today.

That is freaking low crossing the fence.  You certainly know that the pilot was aware of his admirers and wanted to add a bit of a thrill to their days.  It's not low, unless you get them running.  KICKASS!!


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Posted by butch71 on
Fantastic videos as always. I enjoy them very much.
Posted by PeteEagleGeek on
Haaaahhhhhhahhhhh Awesome!!! If only I could that close to the F-15's at Lakenheath
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