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Black Friday

By Jolly on November 22, 2012 in Cool Stuff

It's almost Black Friday. Before sending your significant other out to get all those great deals, remind them to shop at places that support our veterans.Read More >

Extreme Sledding

By Jolly on November 20, 2012 in Cool Stuff

Extreme Sledding with The Sweeds!Read More >

SU-35 Video

By Jolly on October 15, 2012 in Cool Stuff

Read More >

Fighter Jock Inventor

By Rowdy on September 25, 2012 in Cool Stuff

What's the greatest invention of all time? The clock, the electric light bulb, the personal computer? All that stuff is nice and very practical but when it comes down to something that really impacts humanity you'd certainly have to throw (pun intended) the Frisbee into the discussion as the greatest invention ever.Read More >

Too Late Baby

By Jolly on September 22, 2012 in Cool Stuff

What is it about Fighter Pilots and cool watches? Chicks dig both, they just seem to go together I guess. 15% Off ALL Orders from Zazzle in the FU Gucci Store!Read More >

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