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2013 Raytheon Trophy

Posted by Jolly on April 28, 2014

Cocks_over_Clark.jpgThe 67th Fighter Squadron was presented the 2013 Raytheon Trophy earlier this month.  The Raytheon Trophy, previously known as the Hughes Trophy, is presented annually to the best Air Superiority squadron in the Air Force.  The Fighting Cocks had previously won the award in 1983, 1986, 1989, 2003, 2011, and now in 2013.  They put out an awesome video for the 2011 Raytheon Trophy, and I'll think you will agree that the HD video produced for this years trophy is every bit as good.  Cock Standard!  FU also has a number of 67th songs loaded up on the site, like Fox 1 in the Face.

I had this 67th heritage design made up for our 67th reunion two years.  That group ofcocks.jpg Fighting Cocks won the Hughes Trophy three times in one decade, something that again seems to be Cock Standard.  The design includes a formation of an F-86, F-105, F-4, and F-15 flying over the 67th patch, which was originally designed by Walt Disney during WW II.  The Fighting Cocks have had some famous alumni including  FU Hero Robbie Risner.  During our reunion you could see the pride in our Alumni that the current day Fighting Cocks continue to set the bar for providing world class Air Superiority.  Congratulations to the 67th Fighter Squadron, winner of the 2013 Raytheon Trophy.  

Looks like the video went private.  I've loaded it from, if you can't watch it go to 2013 Raytheon Trophy on vimeo and log in to watch if you have an account (setting up an account is free).  Enjoy the latest video below produced by the 67th Fighter Squadron for the 2013 trophy party.  It has some incredible HD footage from Okinawa, Alaska, and the Sand Box.  WARNING - some of the lyrics are explicit.  At the end of the video there is a very cool dedication to Fighting Cock Extrodanare Robbie Risner. 


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Posted by butch71 on
Another Awesome video and keep up the good work. Jolly! I have a patch of 67th Fighter Squadron in my collection. You see I'am a patch collector.
Posted by LurchD on
Cocks Rock! Great video, thanks Jolly
Posted by Doc on
Sierra Hotel! Good on Ya 67th!
Still a Single Seat Viper Puke though!
Vipers Foreva!
Posted by Wadds on
Sweet work for a bunch of Zoomies!! Check six!

Wadds sends
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