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A Day In the Life of a Fighter Pilot

Posted by aaron on February 2, 2010

Pretty simple day today. Cat launch then buzz around the skies, play with the clouds for a while. Pull some G's. Aileron rolls. Little inverted flight. Might as well do a cloverleaf, Immelmann thing . Back to the boat for a trap. Hey, it's only 0900. Wonder what the regular folk are doing today? I know, they're on the crazy train. Kickass start to the day!!

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FU design - Super Hornet Mascot


Posted by ALEJANDRO on
Hi guys! i am a spanish teenager , my dream is become a fighter pilot ( yes , both! ) thank you for this amazing website , I love what you do in the air and also here , at the boring ground , some day perhaps I see you at Nellis , in the Red Flag,,,I hope this , ...
. Thank you for the sound of freedom that you create.

Keep your six , always !
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