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Cool 2nd Fighter Squadron Stuff

Posted by Jolly on November 26, 2007

Got these words and kickass patch from Squat, an Eagle driver.  Awesome story and a great example of how PC can degrade a squadron's history and very identity.

Have you seen the original WWII patch of the 2nd Fighter Squadron?


The boys of the 2FS, known as the American Beagle Squadron, went to the European theater for 3 reasons:

1)  Stick it to the Nazis (STS)
2)  Drink Booze
3)  Chase women

Not necessarily in that order.  The patch of the Beagle Squadron consists of (now get this) a beagle who is poking a stick into a swastika until it bleeds (first goal), toasting with a martini glass (second goal), with a naked woman sitting in the glass (third goal).  Having partied with these warriors from the greatest generation, I know they lived up to their patch and shot down many a Luftwaffe fighter pilot from their Spitfires & Mustangs. 

Thanks Squat.  Kickass!!

Here's the current, milk toast PC patch for the 2FS.  Ho-hum. 



Posted by Dealer on
Yes, the WWII patch carries a wealth of heritage missing from the current patch. However, anyone who thinks that the Air Force doesn't care about heritage is an idiot. The squadrons at Tyndall were changed back to their WWII names a few years ago to have that history restored. Also, fighter pilot attitude is still present since (despite PC influences) the old WWII patch is the official Friday patch and is authorized to wear. If you want to talk about degrading squadron history, think about the history lost as we start losing whole squadrons of fighters to UAVs!!!
Posted by borg on
I agree that the heritage considerations are there... with regards to patches only. You are DEAD-ON on the UAV thing. What a travesty. Just darn lucky to be too old to have to deal with that shit. Thanks for writing; keep em coming.
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