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F-8 Crusader

Posted by rowdy on September 17, 2013


The F-8 Crusader was a kickass fighter (check out F-8 Stories and Last Gunfighter articles on FU). Along with the A-7 Corsair II, which is nothing more than a derivative of the F-8, that gaping intake right at the front of the jet is kickass looking. Take that huge scoop of an intake with the cockpit right above and it appears that the jet is going to consume anything in its path. 
US Navy F-8 CrusaderAn interesting and puzzling feature of the F-8 is the wings forming a humped back look on approach and on the ground. The following video explains what that's all about. While you watch here's two interesting/puzzling things about the video itself.
  • What's with the Christmas wreath in the upper right?
  • Why does the Ghost Buster theme song start about half way through the video?

    Volumes a little low on the video.

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US Navy F-8 CrusadersThe Crusader--kickass name, sounds like warriors fighting evil in the world where ever it can be found--was a formidable US Navy air superiority fighter in its day, operating in the late 50's, through the 60's, including Vietnam, all the way into the mid-80's. The F-8 had limited foreign sales flying in the Philippine Air Force and, interestingly, carrier operations with the French Navy's Aviation Navale, certainly the last US designed and built fighter utilized by the French military.  (photo above by Dave Johnson)

French Navy Aviation Navale F-8 Crusader, Philippe Le Pallec

 French Navy Aviation Navale F-8E Crusader
Photo by Philippe Le Pallec
(You can see the hydraulic shaft that lifts the wing section.)


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