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Fighter Pilots and Afterburner

Posted by Jolly on June 2, 2013

Afterburner is one of the most kickass inventions of all time. It looks cool and sounds cool. Too bad the days of the hard light are gone though. When the burner on those old jet engines lit it was like an exploding concussion. If you were sitting number one watching someone else taking off, when his hard light burner banged on, you could feel the explosive pressure go right through you.
Well, regardless, it’s still an awesome site to experience; the flame, the high pressure stream of fire, the sound of nearly unlimited power. Whether the jet is still on the runway or roaring overhead, afterburner is still a kickass site to behold.

Big kickass burner.  Notice the little tail gear and gear door, 
plus the huge tail skid plate.

Austria J35Oe Draken Sven De Bever
Austria J34Oe Draken
Photo by Sven De Bever

Single engine burners kickass.  Nice to have those huge 
external fuel tanks to keep it in burner longer.

France Mirage 2000D Kristof Jonckheere
France Mirage 2000D
Photo by Kristof Jonckheere

The afterburner is nice but I don't like that blue paint.  
Looks like the same sutff that's on the bottom of my pool.

Romania MiG-21MF Lancer C Dirk Voortmans
Romania MiG-21MF Lancer C
Photo by Dirk Voortmans


France Mirage 2000C Stephen Fox
France Mirage 2000C
Photo by Stephen Fox

The Aardvark guys call this kickass procedure a dump and burn, 
an airshow favorite.  Dump a little fuel, tap the burners.

Australia F-111C Aardvark Alex McCreath
Australia F-111C Aardvark
Photo by Alex McCreath

Way kickass, long, conical afterburner.

Belgium F-16BM Fighting Falcon Michael Vaeremans
Belgium F-16BM Fighting Falcon
Photo by Michael Vaeremans

Kickass MiG in full afterburner.

Czechoslavakia MiG-23ML Alistair Bridges
Czechoslovakia MiG-23ML
Photo by Alistair Bridges

Turn down the lights a little bit and the burners look even more kickass.

RAF GR4A Tornado Radim Spalek
RAF GR4A Tornado
Photo by Radim Spalek

Burners at dusk.  Kickass!!

RAF T1 Typhoon Turn and Slip
RAF T1 Typhoon
Photo by Turn and Slip

The only thing that kicksass more than a afterburner during the 
day, is one at night.  KICKASS!!

Greece Mirage 2000EG Chirs Lofting
Greece Mirage 2000EG
Photo by Chris Lofting

Here's an F-104 in Burner from Pelican


Photo by John Wilhoff


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Posted by Myron on
I know --- its not a fighter -- BUT -- the B-58 with 4 burnin at night was pretty awsome. A MITO with 15 Hustlers at 7.5 sec intervals - all in burner was a sight to behold.
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