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Fighter Planes Cause Sky Rocketing Beer Sales

Posted by Jolly on January 22, 2010

FUbeer.jpgWhat goes together better than fighter pilots and beer? The folks at Anheuser-Busch -- or should we say InBev -- finally got smart and took our advice. Advertise your beer using fighter pilots and fighter planes. (OK, some of you may argue about whether or not Bud Light is indeed a beer but that’s for another article.) Bud Light sales must be sky rocketing. How do the local vendors keep it on the shelf?
The choice of fighter in this Bud Light commercial is quite interesting. The French made Rafale. Maybe InBev is trying to take over beer sales in Quebec. Certainly, without a doubt, it's working. I’ll bet Labatt and Moosehead have fighter pilot ads in the works even now. You gotta fight fighter pilots with fighter pilots. It’s the only solution in the advertising world, as well as the real world.

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