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Fighters and Rock

Posted by rowdy on January 11, 2014


Our ongoing premise, fighter planes and music go together.

Here's a kickass mixture of WW II footage and present day rock music. The music is courtesy of Audioslave, the footage is courtesy of some kickass WW II fighter pilots. 


Lots of video here of the P-47 Thunderbolt. When you see the little bubble canopy on top of that huge fuselage you get a good idea of just how big that fighter was. Fully loaded the Jug could weigh eight tons. That's a huge amount for a fighter aircraft of that era.


Yes, the video source is once again Vimeo. Fear not however. We got that problem fixed. 

Enough of that. Roll the tape.

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Posted by butch71 on
I just saw the video on the P-47 Thunderbolt and enjoyed it very much. It too bad the Air Force did not use the Korean War. I have in my collection five models. Two razorbacks and bubble tops and enjoy them very much. You see I'am and airplane nut.
See Ya!
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