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Kickass Christmas Pic

Posted by Jolly on December 23, 2012



Talk about a Kickass picture, check this out kids --- Looks like Santa's Night ARCT will go as scheduled on the 24th.  Someone snapped this unauthorized picture in the container over Groom Lake last night.  Santa had his requal hook up and was cleared in hot to hit the tanker Christmas Eve!  Merry Christmas to all!

 Last Minute CHRISTMAS Shopping

In the Original FU Store

And the FU Gucci Store


(Read this very fast so it sounds like one of those TV announcers. Now your kid called us. We're getting a lot of these this year so don't be surprised. Kids want FU T-shirts. They know what a cheap bastard you can be. They're just asking for our help to ensure that they're not the only kid at school without an FU T-shirt. Sure they could buy one themselves but they want to know that you care about them and their future. Like every other kid they want to be a fighter pilot. An FU T-shirt from you is a signal that you support that hope and desire, and who wouldn't. It's time you stepped up and be the kind of parent your kid always wanted. Put down that Jack and Coke and make that order now.)



Posted by butch71 on
Well! Tommorow is Christmas Eve. DID the Kc-135 have go juice for the Reindeer? Just asking.
Posted by Jolly on
From Jim:

Outstanding pic -my grandkids loved it!
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