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Kickass Fighter Picture

Posted by Jolly on July 16, 2013

Some pictures need no words. They kickass without any explanation.  Of course, that won’t stop us. 

Every picture affects each viewer differently. One may be awe inspired. Another may be instilled with fear, amazement, delight or bewilderment.
What thought pops into my mind when I first look at this photo? Kids, don’t play with matches.
Kickass picture!!

Russia Su-27UB Sergy
Russia Su-27UB
Photo by Sergy 

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aggressor.jpg  F16gomer.jpg

F5aggressor.jpg    hornetaggressor.jpg  hornetgolf.jpgf16aggressor.jpg

527Flanker.jpg mugflanker.jpg


Posted by LieSniper on
What thought pops into my mind when I first look at this photo?

Switch to guns, dumbass!
Posted by wroberts1956 on
That's a good guns junk...
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