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Kickass Paint

Posted by aaron on April 10, 2008

Some countries allow their fighter units to paint a jet for special occasions or just because it’s something kickass cool to do. Here are some examples of what fighter squadrons can come up with when allowed to run amuck. You’ll notice that all of these jets are from the German Luftwaffe. That’s not because the Germans are more creative, imaginative or artistically inclined. I think it’s just because they have more paint and, let's face it, beer can be inspiring.

First something simple, black and white.

F-4F Phantom II
Photo by Karl Drage

Same concept, more color.

F-4F Phantom II
Photo by David Ilot

OK, a little more abstract.

Tornado ECR
Photo by Roel Reine

Must of have used all the orange paint in Germany.

F-4F Phantom II
Photo by Gerhard Plomitzer

Guess not.

Tornado IDS
Photo by Achim Stemmer

Back to simple but still kickass.

RF-4E Phantom II
Photo by Michael Frische

One step up from simple.

F-4F Phantom II
Photo by Rainer Mueller

Our buds, 321 Tigers. New age, way kickass.  Even includes their web site.

Tornado ECR
Photo by Unknown

When it says Bavaria, it says beer.  I love this paint job. Makes me kickass thirsty.

F-4F Phantom II
Photo by TNS

This looks like Bilbo's and Frodo's jet.

Tornado IDS
Photo by Michael Balter

YIKES!! KICKASS WILD!!!  Best of the kickass paint. The 322 Flying Monsters.

Tornado ECR
Photo by Gerhard Plomitzer


Posted by DavidPowell on
Thoses were awsome. We were in Alaxander La, back in 1976 and the base ha a A-7D Painted up in 1776 red white and blue for the bicentinel birthday for our country.
it was a nice paint job, i wish i had some pics.
Posted by natofrancisco on
ilike this paint
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