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Posted by rowdy on October 9, 2013

This a kickass patch. Any time you have a red devil, clutching a bomb to his chest and diving toward the ground to deliver havoc, that’s kickass! These are the Italian Air Force’s 154°Gr CBOC/S, Gruppo Caccia Bombardieri Ognitempo Convenzionali/Speciale—154 Squadron, Fighter Bomber All-weather Conventional/Special Armament. They are Freccia, the Arrow and they fly the Tornado IDS/IDT. They are based at Brescia - Ghedi "Tenente Luigi Olivari" Lombardia. 


VFA-143 has a kickass patch too but what makes it even more kickass is their name, the Pukin Dogs. The figure on the patch is actually a winged griffin but it sure looks like some hound retching and about to spit up some foul smelling puke. The US Navy’s world famous Pukin Dogs fly the F-18E Super Hornet out of Oceana Naval Air Station, Virginia, (one of my favorite O Clubs) when they’re home and normally deploy with Carrier Air Wing 7.



Then there's the 36th Fighter Squadron, aka "The Fabulous Flying Fiends", aka "The Pukin Pups"36fs.gif (ref Hawg's comments below).  The fiends have been around since 1917. The patch has not been changed by our PC management in DC and has remained true to it's original design (note 36th FBS patch right).  It's one kickass patch!  A puppy pukin, how awesome is that?  Check out our Alumni House tab above and see if we have your own squadron’s history and patches in our database.  Our list of squadrons worldwide with unit history is extensive and has taken literally 100's of hours to compile on our site.  If we are missing information from your unit then send your unit history to either,, or  

Our pledge to our student body is to post the non-PC non-revisionist history version of 122coonass.jpg122fsbayou.jpgfighter aviation history on this site.  Units like the "Coonass Militia" are a good example of how PCness has revised history due to our heritage being offensive to those wishing to destroy our culture and turn us into a bunch of pussies.  (PC 122nd patch left, Non-PC patch right).  

 The effort has never been worse then today's PC do gooder management trying to de-masculinize our military, specifically fighter squadrons.  Send us your shit bros!


Got these from Wiener:

Here are a couple from some WestPac deployments in the early 80's. We had a plaque with the rear shot Bulldog and removable brass testes which were installed at Happy Hour and removed for family night in the MCAS Iwakuni O'Club. The Habu in the gunsight was worn by the squadron to the Skoshi KOOM to stick it to the SR pukes in their self-proclaimed haven. Usually ended badly. 

I've also been informed that my call sign is on the not approved list in today's controlled airspace. 

bulldog2.jpg bulldog1.jpg


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36FBS.jpg hooters.jpg


 36tfs.jpg  nightowlhat.jpg

36tfs_shirt.jpg  flyingfiendshirt.jpg

nightowlmug.jpg  36TFSmug.jpg

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Posted by Hawg1 on
Like Pukin Dogs?...Check out the 36FS, Fabulous Flying Fiends, aka: "Pukin-Pups"!
Osan AB, Korea.....long history there as Pukin Pups!
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