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Kickass patches, nicknames and logos

Posted by Jolly on September 13, 2007

We don't have any particular squadron of figher pilot to honor on our KICKASS pages but we thought we'd like to point out some of the most kickass patches and air force logos.  If you want to see more about any of these you can check them out on our Campuses/Squadron pages.

Right now, this week, today, we think the most kickass nickname of any fighter squadron in the world is the Flying Monsters, the Jagdbomberstaffel 322 of the German Air Force who fly the Tornado ECR out of Lechfeld, Germany.  The Flying Monsters just sound kickass.  Sound like a bunch of guys raging around in the jets doing what they want where ever they go. Too bad that’s really not the case anymore in Deutschland because of people that, for some unknown reason, don’t like the sounds of jets. The nickname is kickass, the patch is a bit goofy, single tooth dragon, but adequate. 

The most kickass patch is the 421st Fighter Squadron from Hill AFB, Utah who fly the F-16 in the US Air Force. It’s a simple, crisp patch with a freaky, black widow spider. Everyone gets the creeps from spiders and this patch looks like there’s a big ass black widow sitting right there on the guy’s sleeve.


The most kickass air force symbol is the Republic of China’s Air Force logo. It’s got the standard, cool wings but it also has what almost appears to be a wreath of barley. Barley is one of the prime ingredients of a quality beer. Any time you can incorporate barley and beer into the official symbol of your air force, that's no just genius, that’s kickass.




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