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Posted by aaron on June 10, 2008

What’s the most kickass fighter squadron in the entire world? One of them is probably the 199th Fighter Squadron based at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. Yes, Hawaii. That alone puts it right at the top when considering kickass squadrons. What location could be much better? 
The squadron is known as the Mytai Fighters. If your squadron nickname is taken from a tropical drink that just kicksass.

Now, look at their patchs.  An official squadron patch on the left and their Friday patch on the right.  Both kickass.  The official patch is sorta surf board, or at least boogie board shaped and it's got that Pacific warrior mask.  Kickass.  Having an unofficial, Friday patch is always kickass in itself.  This one is particulary kickass with the Hawaiian warrior, Eagle silhouette and bright, vivid squadron colors.
The 199th flies the F-15 Eagle, the world’s premiere air-to-air platform, at least until recently. However, in the next few years they’re on the books to receive the pre-eminent fifth generation figher, the F-22 Raptor. That kicksass! 
One other point, the 199th is a guard unit. Now that’s going to get some howls from our active duty friends but just think about it. The fighter pilot members of the US Air Force, Navy, and Marine guard and reserve fly the same number of sorties each month that their active duty brothers do. However, traditional guardsmen, part-time guys, are also, airline pilots, lawyers, doctors, etc. So these fighter pilots get to fly fighters and once done, they get to walk away from the active duty queep that can turn a military career into a burdensome chore. So being in the guard kicksass!
What more do you want, Hawaii, Mytai Fighters, great patches, Eagle to Raptor and guardsmen to boot. That kicksass!!! The 199th Fighter Squadron is right at the top of my list.


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