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Kickass Starfighter

Posted by Jolly on September 17, 2012

The F-104 Starfighter was a kickass fighter jet flown by a number of countries. The USAF started flying the jet in 1958 and the Italian Air Force flew it into 2004. The Starfighter had a somewhat dubious safety record but who cares, it looked cool, sounded awesome and was kickass fast. It was one of those jets that looked fast just sitting there on the ramp. With those little, thin wings people said it was proof that with enough power you could get almost anything into the air. The Starfighter was actually involved in combat in a number of different conflicts but probably not too many turning fights. Especially among the NATO countries that flew the Starfighter, it lent itself to many, special paint schemes. Here’s a mixture of kickass Starfighter pictures.

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F-104.jpg   104hat.jpg

All cockpit, fuel and engine, with a couple of 
little wings thrown in for good measure.

German Navy RF-104 Peter Terlouw
German Navy RF-104
Photo by Pere Terlouw

Nice view of the rear and the realization that the body of the
 jet wasn't that much wider than the burner can.

Canada CF-104 Jan Jorgensen
Canada CF-104 
Photo by Jan Jorgensen

Blue seems to work well.

Italy F-104S Ed Groenendijk
Italy F-104S
Photo by Ed Groenendijk

One word describes this paint job. Kickass!!

German F-104G Jet Power
German F-104G
Photo by Jet Power

Nice clean lines.

German F-104G Rainer Mueller
German F-104G
Photo by Rainer Mueller

Paint scheme by JR Tolkien.

Italy F-104G Daniele Faccioli
Italy F-104S
Photo by Daniele Faccioli

You knew a Tiger Meet design had to be included.

Belgium F-104G Jerden Zetz
Belgium F-104G
Photo by Jerden Zetz

Same colors and probably supposed to be a Tiger Meet 
paint job but this looks more like a bumble bee.

Canada CF-104 Mike Freer
Canada CF-104
Photo by Mike Freer

As always, put that Bavarian flag design on a jet and it screams beer.  Kickass!!

German F-104G Gerhard Plomitzer
German F-104G
Photo by Gerhard Plomitzer

Have you ever seen a sexually aroused male dog?  
This all red design brings up images of that.

Italy F-104S Roel Reijne
Italy F-104S
Photo by Roel Reijne

Two things here.  Anytime you add a second cockpit to a single seat 
fighter you ruin the asthetics.  Second, yikes!! A little too foo-foo.

Italy F-104G Sven De Bevere
Italy TF-104G
Photo by Sven De Bevere

Maybe the best paint scheme of all, bare metal.

German F-104G Gerard Helmer
German F-104G
Photo by Gerard Helmer

You know on a cold day like this that the main concern 
had to be to not overspeed the gear on takeoff.

German F-104G Mike Freer
German F-104G
Photo by Mike Freer

Need some jets in flight. Interesting point to carry the missiles.

The Netherlands F-104G Joop De Groot
The Netherlands F-104G
Photo by Joop De Groot

How do those little wings carry all that external gas?

Italy F-104S Mike Freer
Italy F-104S
Photo by Mike Freer

Kickass!!  Clean and min drag. You know this one screamed like a raped ape.

Italy F-104S David Cenciotti
Italy F-104S
Photo by David Cenciotti


Posted by Dibbs on
Got a flight in a CF-104 when I was stationed at Sembach in the early 80s. Was at Sollingen for an exercise. Did NOT turn on a dime!!!
Posted by acsunrize on
The German Air Force trained in F-104G's at Luke AFB in the 60's and 70's. As a FS there I flew with them a couple of times. They are great for sightseeing, but takes the better part of a county to turn around. The most exciting part was the landing, because you need faith that you will stop.
Posted by butch71 on
I just read this email on the F-104 Starfighter. The photos of the fighter is awsome. I have a model of the Starfighter called Smoke II which served in Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
Posted by allenfreauff on
I worked on 104's. they were a man with a gun on a mission. To my knowledge none of the migs would take them on. The only ones we lost were to a/c malfunctions. None to pilot error.

They used them for close ground support for a little while. But two passes and one staffing run and they were done. And they had to be refueled to get there, make their run and then get home. They finally flew Mig cap because no one would bother them.

I always enjoyed working on them. They either worked or they didn't. Not like the RF 101 or RF4C.
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