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Posted by Jolly on January 19, 2010


RAF Hawk Chris Chambers
RAF Hawk T1
Photo by Chris Chambers


I like to see lowing flying fighters. The lower, the faster, the louder, the more kickass. Probably the best place in the entire world to see low, fast, and loud jets is the Machynlleth Loop in Wales. The Mach Loop is part of the UK’s low fly structure, specifically Low Fly Area 7. The Loop is a counter-clockwise, circular route that takes fighters three minutes to complete and, should they desire, they can continue around for a second run.
Back in the day, the Cold War, you could sit on the Welsh ridges of the Mach Loop and see as many as 80 fighters pass by. Today, maybe 10 to 20 fighters might be seen and on an especially good day, 30.
Amateur and professional photographers from all over the world come to Wales hoping to get the perfect fighter picture.  The reason The Loop is so special is because here, you’re not looking up at the low flying fighters, you’re looking down at them. Kickass!!
Now here’s one thing I can’t figure out. I’ve drank with the Brits. I’ve drank with the Scots. I’ve drank with the Welsh. Why hasn’t someone built a pub up there on one of those ridges where you could sit with a pint and watch the jets scream by? Now that would be a whole other level of kickass; very nearly Nirvana.
Here’s a video that will give you an idea what it’s like on a nice day in Wales. You’ll want to book the next flight to Cardiff.

OK, so now you're planning your trip to Wales. Make sure you've got the appropriate amount of FU gear. You can get it in the FU Store. You don't want to look like a fighter plane groupie. With FU gear from the FU Store you won't. You'll just look kickass!!


Posted by slw on
freakin awesome flying, would love to set up a pub, lets do it
Posted by PhilippeBALLAND on
Well this is really thrilling & pilots have the guts for those low fliyng levels: I like & ask for more
Posted by Morgan on
Here's some more if you like it!
Posted by Morgan on
And a pilot's perspective...
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