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Posted by Jolly on November 1, 2013

Red River Rats Meet Again

The faculty of FU take great pleasure in recommending a completely Kickass organization called the Red River Rats.  Fighter Pilot University recently made an agreement with the River Rats to be the sole source of official Rat Gear in our Gucci Store and our Original Store.  We will be adding all our aircraft designs in the coming weeks, if there is a particular combination you would like, contact us at  All proceeds from the sales of Rat Gear will be donated to the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association.  We are proud to support a group of warriors like the River Rats and look forward to serving this group of patriots.

We will be offering their link on our “links” page and we would appreciate it if you would go take a look at their web site (after you buy some of our stuff) and support them in any way you can. We have the history of the Rats and their no-shit story of how they came to be at the end of this plug. Our faculty is actually ashamed of our drunken selves that we are not already members and we are taking care of that issue as we speak. This group takes care of the brethren like no other and we at FU feel that after you read about their endeavors, you’ll want to jump in and support the efforts of this fine organization. The sight can be found easily online at Our hats are off to these folks. Thanks Rats for what you do. River Rats truly KICKASS!!!
History of the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association
The following was written for the first REAL Red River Rats Reunion, August 24-25, 1973 in Las Vegas. It has as much meaning now as it did then, and for those of you who attended the first reunion, we hope it brings back memories of that joyous occasion.

Col. Howard C. (Scrappy) Johnson, (Ret.)

There are in existence many versions of how the Red River Valley Fighter Pilots Association, commonly called the River Rats, originated. Here's the REAL version; one which is true, at least, in part.
First, some background! Early in 1967, Robin Olds hosted a tactics symposium held at Ubon, Thailand. A lot of good poop was discussed and recorded at this meeting, but most of it was lost within the headquarters bureaucracy. So, in May of the same year, we at Korat decided to try for a more fruitful conference where Fighter, Bomber, Escort, and Tanker folks could talk it over face-to-face. I went to Colonel "Bill" Chairsell, 388th Wing Commander, to tell him of the plan and to propose a Dining-In in conjunction with the affair. Colonel Chairsell allowed as how we couldn't call it a Dining-In because we'd have to invite all the base "Grunts," but we could have a dinner if we called it something else.


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