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Vertical Climb

Posted by Jolly on June 20, 2013

One of the most kickass things is to watch a fighter climb out going straight up, a vertical climb. It's a demonstration of pure power that cannot be equaled.  Even a Shuttle launch doesn't compare. That slow lumbering, accelerating, humungous beast is impressive to be sure, but the Shuttle still doesn't give the thrill of seeing what was formerly horizontal, suddenly pulling up and going vertical.
Every young pilot in the early stages of his military flying training can't wait until he gets in a jet that will let him take off in a vertical climb. For USAF and even some Navy guys that's while still in initial pilot training and the jet is the T-38. Sure you've got to let the jet pick up some smash and you're going to bleed off energy pretty quick in the climb but the exhilaration is nothing short of kickass.  Even the most experienced fighter pilots still get a thrill out of climbing his jet straight to the moon;. as you can tell by the pictures here. Kickass!!

Still pulling for pure vertical. Kickass!!

USAF F-15C Eagle Jason Grant
USAF F-15C Eagle
Photo by Jason Grant

Not quite vertical here either but what kicksass here 
is that, while almost there, he's actually slowing down 
to land. Gear coming out, speed brake opening. 
Lots of kickass power.

Ukraine Su-27 Martin Rosenkranz
Ukraine Su-27
Photo by Martin Rosenkranz

Just like a freaking rocket!!

German EF2000 Typhoon
Photo by Norbert Grass

Oh yeah!!

US Navy F-18F John Allan
US Navy F/A-18F Super Hornet
Photo by John Allen

The only thing that looks better than a fighter in 
the vertical is one in the vertical loaded up to kickass.

Italy AV-8BII Michael Balter
Italy AV-8B II Harrier
Photo by Michael Balter


Poland MiG-29 Unknown
Poland MiG-29
Photo by Unknown

OK, you're right. We rotated this picture.
Just thought we'd give the hawg guys a chubber.

USAF A-10A Thunderbolt II "Warthog" Ken Cheung
A-10A Thunderbolt II "Warthog"
Photo by Ken Cheung

Here's the real thing and 
accelerating while doing it. Kickass!!

USAF F-22A Raptor Rob Tabor
F-22A Raptor
Photo by Rob Tabor

The vertical looks even more kickass 
with a majestic background.

Switzerland Mirage IIIRS Lassi Tolvanen
Switzerland Mirage IIIRS
Photo by Lassi Tolvanen

Two's better one. Nice flares too.  Kickass!!

RAF F.3 Tornado Berry Vissers
RAF F.3 Tornados
Photo by Berry Vissers


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