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Kickass Fighter Picture 6

By Rowdy on November 7, 2008 in Kickass Articles

We’re kind of stuck on an F-16 theme. Vipers tipping over, Vipers blowing stuff up and now today’s kickass picture. Sometimes you can’t get too much of a good thing.Read More >

Kickass F-16 Stuff

By Rowdy on November 6, 2008 in Kickass Articles

This is a kickass Viper video. Starts out with a few subtle explosions and images and sounds of the tinkle and bang of falling debris.Read More >

Kickass Fighter Picture 5

By Rowdy on October 17, 2008 in Kickass Articles

 It's always kickass to see someone thinking outside the container when it comes to the paint scheme on a fighter.  The gray cammo design is already pretty cool but putting that vintage war plane silouhette image there makes the whole thing kickass.Read More >

Kickass Fighter Picture 4

By Rowdy on October 10, 2008 in Kickass Articles

We had a recent entry about fighter squadrons around the world that use a skull in their unit patch or insignia.  Here's a kickass fighter picture that expands that theme.Read More >

Kickass Skulls

By Rowdy on October 8, 2008 in Kickass Articles

The central theme of a fighter squadron’s patch or insignia can certainly vary but most often a squadron wants to reflect its power, intensity, capability or history.Read More >

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