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I Bombed Saddam

By Jolly on September 7, 2008 in Songs

I Dropped The Bomb That Killed Saddam By Dos Gringos  I dropped the bomb that killed Saddam That fat ol' bastard is dead and gone The news didn't show it, but I know it I dropped the bomb that killed Saddam We all got scrambled on TST And I knew right then and there that it would be me We were screaming on that radio for KMART to let us go But all we heard was.Read More >

Barnacle Bill The Pilot

By Jolly on August 17, 2008 in Songs

Barnacle Bill The Pilot Performed by Oscar Brand   The Air Force is the life for me, said Barnacle Bill the sailor I'll jump my ship and leave the sea said Barnacle Bill the sailor I'll fly so high, I'll pass the sky, in gravitation I'll defy I'll make the ladies scream and cry, said Barnacle Bill the sailor   Chorus Pretty soon you'll lose that grin, x 3 Cried the fair young maiden   I'm rough and tough and know my stuff, said Barnacle Bill the pilot I'll fly this ship till I've had enough, said Barnicle Bill the pilot I know a struts, I know a fins, I know the barrel roll and a spins I know the outs, I’ll learn the ins, said Barnicle Bill the pilot   Chorus You're out of gas and must go down, x 3 Cried the fair young maiden   I'm a cockeyed finn if I'll give in, said Barnicle Bill the pilot I've made my way through thick and thin," said Barnicle Bill the pilot He kicked the bar and pulled the stick, he hit the ground like a ton of bricks I’d tell you more but it would make me sick, for barnacle Bill the pilot   Chorus Here's some flowers for his grave, x 3 Cried the fair young maiden      Read More >

Squiggly Porn

By Jolly on August 10, 2008 in Songs

Squiggly PornBy Dos Gringos When I'm out TDY sometimes I'm a rolling stone But there are nights I stay in my room 'cause I want to be alone I just want to get some me time - a chance to feel reborn I dim the lights and lock the door and cuddle up to squiggly porn Sure there are real pornos but I'd rather not They make me feel all dirty inside and I know that I'd get caught With my friend squiggly porn I get that same cheap thrill Without "Naked Sorority Grandmas 6" showing up on my Visa bill Yeah squiggly porn you're always around I keep coming back though you let me down You give me a tit then you take it away I'm still looking forward to that special day When I can see some poontang And chicks making out And it ain't all distorted Yeah there won't be a doubt That I conquered the beast Then what will I do?Read More >

Mary Ann Burns

By Jolly on July 13, 2008 in Songs

MARY ANN BURNSPerfromed by 509th TFS Mary Ann Burns is the Queen of all the acrobatsShe can do tricks that would give a man the shits.Read More >

The Patriot

By admin on July 4, 2008 in Songs

 Read More >

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