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The Mig 21

By Jolly on June 8, 2008 in Songs

THE MIG-21 By Dick Jonas   Now a Mig-21 is great airplane, so the Phantom pilots say And I don’t think we can doubt their word, they go up there everyday Long and sleek, fast and high, it’s a dang mighty fine machine You can take the word of an F-4 Jock, the Mig-21 is mean   But so is the Phantom----Ugly, But big and powerful and faster than greased lightning   There’s a lot to be said for the guys who fly the Mig-21s up North And I don’t reckon they make very much, But every dime they’re paid they’re worth I mean how much guts does it take to jump a force of 24 Thuds That’s covered by a cap of F-4Ds and Eight Mig hungry studs   Yep, those Mig drivers are pretty sharp, but not very smart In fact they gotta be out of the ever-loving mind to tangle with the Phantom   Take it from a guy that’s been up north and had at a Mig or two That’s a good way to end your tour right now, I’m here and I’m telling you He’s at 10:00 high, and goin to 8, and next at your deep Six And your eyeballs are going like mad, little man you’re in a fix But now sweat GI, that Phantom will reach up and grab a hold of you Spin around and swat that Mig between the eyes and bring you home a hero   Now if you wanna know how to fight a Mig-21, here’s what you can do Talk to the guys that’s been up there, and they’ll tell you a thing or two Guys like Olds and Barrios, Vogostlatski and Kurt They’ll tell you in about a minute and a half you can do a whole days work   They fly the Phantom, or it flys them, it all depends on how you look at it   Well I had my chance not long ago when the Migs came out to play And I was just one of eight good men that went up there that day Throttles wide open, climbs and dives, and pirouettes and dips Just take my word about Mig-21s, those dudes are mighty fine ships   It was four Phantoms and two Migs when we got started, When we got done, it was just four Phantoms   Yea a Mig-21 is a mighty fine ship all Phantom pilots say And that little game is all for keeps when the Migs come out to play We’ve been up there and we’ll go up there til this clambake is done And there’s been fights and there will be fights Between the Phantom and the Mig-21   But just take a look at the score board friend, it’s all in favor of the Phantom              Read More >

Red River Rats Meet Again

By Jolly on May 4, 2008 in Songs

  The Red River Rats hold their annual convention 14-18 May in Colorado Springs.  The faculty at FU are proud to be associated with such a great group of patriots.Read More >

I'm a Thud Pilot

By Jolly on March 23, 2008 in Songs

 Read More >

Satan's Angels

By Jolly on February 10, 2008 in Songs

SON OF SATA'S ANGELS by Dick Jonas Chorus I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D, All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge to the DMZ.Read More >

Ain't No Fighter Pilot's Down in Hell

By Jolly on January 26, 2008 in Songs

Ain't No Fighter Pilots Down in Hell Perfromed by Dick Jonas Chorus (Repeat after each verse) Glorious, victorious. One keg of beer for the four of us.Read More >

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