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Ballad of Robin Olds

Posted by Jolly on October 25, 2012


The Ballad of Robin Old
By Dick Jonas
(find more of Dick's song's in our favorate links)
We Flew in the Wolf Pack with Robin Olds
Some of us ain’t commin back
In a Foxtrot 4 called the Phantom II
We flew with the Red River Rats
Robin came over to Ubon
An Ace with 22 kills
He led the 8th Wing to victory
In the skies over Hanoi’s hills
The 435th, and the Night Owls too
The nickel, and the 433rd
Went with Robin thru the jaws of hell
Leading the Wolf Pack herd
Smokin along to the fire wall
25 feet off the deck
Move over Hanoi Hanna
Robin’s gonna break your back
Bandits Bandits over Thud ridge
Mig ridge and Haiphong too
No sweat sir, Robin Olds is there
And behind him is the Wolf Pack crew
We Flew in the Wolf Pack with Robin Olds
Some of us ain’t commin back
In a Foxtrot 4 called the Phantom II
We flew with the Red River Rats

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Posted by butch71 on
I listen to ballad of Robbin Olds.I have paper back book on the Wolf Pack in my collection. I'am also an aviation fan.
Posted by Jolly on
Got this from Slug (a Hooter bro from the early 80s). If any of you know of any Hooters lurking in the crowd, forward your e-mail to both Slug and I to start getting a list of Hooters for a potential reunion in the near future. FYI -- My F-4 callsign was STX.

Slugs E-mail:

Jolly/Stx's E-mail:

Slugs Note:


I don't know if you heard, but Hedley passed away on the 13th from brain cancer. Chewie (his brother-in-law), Cow, Bones and I were at the memorial service last week and we all realized that we need to put together a Hooter reunion . . . we are seeing each other at too many funerals and memorial services. Do you have any e-mail addresses that you'd be willing to share that I can use as we try to put this together?

Posted by Jolly on
From Bob:

Gen. Olds was a far-sighted American Hero of the first order.
RS, USMC (ret)
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