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Down Town

Posted by Jolly on June 6, 2013

By Dick Jonas

When you get up at two o'clock in the morning
You can bet you'll be - downtown
Shaking your boots, you're sweating heavy all over

Cause you get to go - downtown
Smoke a pack of cigarettes before the briefings over
Wishing you weren't bombing,wishing you were flying cover

It's safer that way-
It's hairy as hell down there-
You know you're biting your nails and you're pulling your hair

You're going downtown-where all the lights are bright
Downtown-you'd rather switch than fight
Downtown-hope you'll come home tonight - downtown, downtown

Planning the route, you keep hoping that you won't have to go
Checking the weather and it's scattered to broken
So you still don't know-downtown

Waiting for the guys in TOC to say you're cancelled
Hoping that the "words" they give will be what suits your fancy
Don't make me go-I'd much rather RTB

And so you sit and you wait thinking,oh shit f--king hot
I'm going downtown-that's why I'm feeling low
Downtown-but I don't want go
Downtown-going to see Uncle Ho-downtown, downtown

Pistol Force-burners now-Bacrrauda has sweeping guns
Disregard the launch light, no threat. Like hell, there's
A pair at 3 o'clock-let's take her down!!!!!


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Posted by varkflyer on
Love that was awesome
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