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I'd Rather Be an F-4 Jock

Posted by Jolly on November 5, 2010


By Dick Jonas

Well, I'd rather be an F-4 jock

Than the Governor of New York State.

Now the Governor's got him a pretty good job,

And I suppose he thinks it great.

But droppin' Nape and strafin' trucks

Are two things he don't know.

And, I couldn't fill the Governor's shoes,

'Cause I couldn't spend all of that dough.


Well, I'd rather be an F-4 jock,

Than the owner of Fort Knox.

And I like the smell of JP-4,

Better than a rosewood box.

Hydraulic fluid and afterburner fumes,

Just some kind of turn me on.

Fella, I'm happier flying F-4Ds

Than a hound dog gnawing a bone.


Well, I'd rather be an F-4 jock,

Than the Air Force Chief of Staff.

One good reason, I ain't got the rank,

Right here you're supposed to laugh!

It's a lot more fun just droppin' bombs,

And hassling two on two.

So I'll just stick to my gunnery range,

And flying the Phantom II.


Well, one of these days I'll light my fire,

And aim it straight at the sky.

And you'll hear me shout as I disappear,

That Phantom is the way to fly.

I'll do a high speed pass by the Pearly Gates,

About one point six five mach.

And I'll tell St. Peter if he don't mind

Just make me an F-4 jock.



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