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I'm a Thud Pilot

Posted by Jolly on March 23, 2008


Thud Pilot

by Dick Jonas

I'm a Thud pilot, and I love my plane.

It is my body, I am it's brain.

My Thunder Chief loves me, and I love her too,

But I get the creeps, with only one seat and one engine too.


She's faster than lightening it says on her dials.

To get a Thud airborne takes only two miles.

She's packed with transistors, black boxes, diodes,

But stay alert, 'Cause you might get hurt when she explodes.


She totes more bombs than a B-17.

My F-105 has a gun and she's mean.

But there is one thing that curdles my blood,

It's lonesome up there, Alone in the air in my single seat Thud.


I love my Thud and she loves me too.

She soaks up Flak like a magnet can do.

If I get my hundred and I'm still alive,

I'll have no grief, Good-bye Thunderchief, My F-105!


Posted by thudpilot1 on
Don't like the poem because of the 4th lines in each!!! And writer should THANK the THUD for getting him thru the 100!! I did!!
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