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I've Been Everywhere

Posted by Jolly on August 9, 2013

I've Been Everywhere
By Dick Jonas

Well, I took off from Ubon in a thick and heavy driving rain,
I toted my bombs up to green anchor tanker plane,
I had a brand-new AC riding in the front seat,
A guy with six months RTU, before that a "Tweet",
He asked mc if my counters numbered much more than ten,
I said listen Mac, there ain't no place up there I ain't been.

I've been everywhere, Man I've been everywhere,
I've crossed the mountains bare, Man I've seen the flak-filled air,
Of SAM's I've had my share, Man I've been everywhere.

Hanoi, Haiphong, Phuc Yen, Yen Bai, Longson, Hoa Lac,
Phu Tho, Son Tay, Mao Binh, Nam Dinh, Thai Binh, Bac Ninh
Thai Nguyen, Gia Lam, Wiet Tri, Do Son,
Thud Ridge, MIG Ridge, Northeast Railroad, Bac Mai, Ninh Grang,
Bac Giange, Poo-Yang.

Repeat Chorus;

Sam Neue, Nan Ban, Quang, Son La, Bat Lake, Dong Hoi,
Quang Khe, Thanh Hoa, Red Route, Black Route, Blue Route, Purple Route,
Channel 97, and the Red and Black River Valley,
Landside, Waterside, Down the slide, Dang my hide,
In town, Crosstown, Uptown, Downtown.

Repeat Chorus


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