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Itazuke Tower

Posted by Jolly on January 11, 2008


Performed by Oscar Brand 

"Itazuke Tower, this is Air Force 801,

I'm turning on the downwind leg, my prop is overrun;

 My coolant's overheated, the gage says 1-2-1,

You'd better get the crash crew out, and get them on the run." 

"Listen, Air Force 801, this is Itazuke Tower,

 I cannot get the crash crew out, this is their coffee hour;

You're not cleared in the pattern, now that is plain to see.

So take it once around again, you're not a VIP."

"Itazuke Tower, this is Air Force 801.

 I'm turning on my final, I'm running on one lung.

I'm gonna land this Mustang, no matter what you say,

I'm gonna get my charts squared up, before that Judgment Day."

"Now listen, Air Force 801, this is Itazuke Tower.

 We'd like to let you in right now, but we haven't got the power.

We'll send a note through channels and wait for a reply.

Until we get permission back, just chase around the sky."


"Itazuke Tower, this is Air Force 801.

I'm up in Pilot's Heaven and my flying days are done.

I'm sorry that I blew up, I couldn't make the grade.

I guess I should have waited till the landing was okayed."


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Posted by MajorDonH on
I have the song on an LP bought at the Ashiya Air Base BX, along with many songs by Oscar Brand. Album name is "Wild Blue Yonder". I remember the lyrics to be some
what different. Crank in " Wild Blue Yonder" into your browser and see the neat pilot depiction on the Album cover. I flew C-130's for the 315th Air Division in the late
50's throught 64.
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