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Jolly Green

Posted by Jolly on January 2, 2013

JOLLYGREEN.pngI've never taken the nylon let down, but some of my buddies have and this song says it all.  The Song is from the album "In Country."

Talk to anyone who has been shot down in combat and they will tell you that seeing the Sandy's show up on station and then hearing those beautiful rotors coming is a wonderful thing.  It really is the sound of freedom. Here's to all those Jolly Green Drivers, Sandy's, Nail FACs, and incredibly brave PJ's who truly are Hero's in the eyes of all fighter pilots.  

If any of our Alumni have a Rescue Story, we would love to hear it. Just log in, and put it in the comment section below, or e-mail me at

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Posted by dart on
12.17.71 Night, F-4 Gunship escort. Knocked down by SAM, had FAC and Sandy cover all night long. Both got out OK, GIB on the ground, me in a tall tree. SAR started next AM. GIB picked off ground with penetrator. Then the Jolly Green hovered over the tree, PJ lowered down on wire where he chopped me free, hooked me to a homemade lanyard that pulled me out as the Jolly Green buggered out.
Took-off 2000, hosed at 2300, picked out of tree at 0900, stepped off Jolly Green at 1000 all without touching ground.
Thanks to the "Nail" Facs, the "Sandy" air cover, "Jolly Green's" and the courage of the PJ who actually picked me out of that tall tree.
Posted by ltrounds on
Spring, 1972 found us with an A-6 crew down just South of the DMZ. Flight of three, A-7E's off the Coral Sea(43) tasked for a basic "tree killing" mission way South of Hue. Heads up flight lead got us switched over by ABCCC to the SAR effort for these guys and promptly vectored to join with an Air Force F-4 "Fast Fac"; "Smokey" I believe. He got us all under a 1500'/3 mi vis monsoon overcast and in touch with the pilot. Marine Corp Major Smith, VMA 222 out of Cherry Point and part of our Air Wing 15. No sign of his BN. Never found him. Lots of high G turns dropping 82's plus our 20mm kept the NVN off of him for another day and night. Jolly got him the next day as I recall. Thanks Jolly.
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