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Satan's Angels

Posted by Jolly on February 10, 2008


by Dick Jonas

I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D,
All the way from the Hanoi Railroad Bridge to the DMZ.
I'm one of old Hoot Gibson's boys, and mean as I can be.
I'm a Son of Satan's Angels, and I fly the F-4D.
There ain't a triple, a gunner up there
That's anywhere near my class.
'Cause I'm as mad as I can be
And I'm in for one more pass.
He hosed me down one time too much
And that one is his last,
And I looked back at where he was
Hey, man, ain't that a gas.

Hello, Hanoi Hannah,
Send your MIGs to meet their doom.
Flying 'em up and blast 'em off
Hoot's boys will be there soon.
I don't care if you are the gal
With a mouthful of silver spoons,
'Cause I've got sidewinders on board
That'll home on an AB plume.


Posted by MonteCrook on
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