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Spad with a Load

Posted by Jolly on October 23, 2015


Spads with a Load


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Posted by Jolly on
Got this from John:

One hell of an airplane, I can tell you, thanks, Jolly. A funny story (I think) was one evening just before sunset, we were headed West, about at the fence with Laos, going for some search and destroy on the trail. We got a call on guard, "C-47, check 9:00; rata tat tat, you're dead... There at 9:00 was an A-1. Bill Pratt responded "Check our left side, A-1". (That's where our three miniguns were.) The A-1 broke off and did not answer. Another time we had a convoy trapped in a mountain valley (having burned the lead and trailing trucks, with our guns). we were FACing several sorties of various aircraft (mostly fast movers) on the large convoy and the A-1s were the only ones that could get into the tight bends in the road with their HVARs. What a sight, what an aircraft!

I love this video.

Posted by Batar on
Speaking of carrying a load . . . . In VMFA-314 in late 1969 we couldn't get parts to keep the centerline tank feeding. We dropped the tank and added a MER, so we had 3 MERs, and 2 TERs. We routinely carried 24 Mk82s, and 4 Zunis on that plane. It was a little over max gross, but launched easily on a hot day. We usually told the the FAC that we wanted to drop 12 on the first pass to get the weight down, but could work pairs after that.

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