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Kickass Nickname

By Rowdy on June 25, 2013 in Cool Stuff

Sir Jock Stirrup Sir Graham Eric Stirrup was a senior RAF commander and former British Chief of the Defense Staff. Whatever he's done that is one kickass nickname!Read More >

Vertical Climb

By Rowdy on June 20, 2013 in Kickass Articles

One of the most kickass things is to watch a fighter climb out going straight up, a vertical climb. It's a demonstration of pure power that cannot be equaled.Read More >

Last of the Breed

By Jolly on June 14, 2013 in Songs

  One day you’ll see him sitting at a bar He’s the one drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar Pull up a chair and offer him a drink It’s a good bet he’ll tell you exactly what he thinks About this country and what it’s doing wrong And for another drink he might sing you a song   He’s a hard-hearted bastard of a day long gone by Mix of emotion and laughter in his eye A worn-out junkie on adrenaline and speed A fighter pilot, he’s the last of the breed   He’ll tell stories of how we fought the war Using words and phrase that you’ve never heard before He’ll talk of death as if it were a lie Then speak of good friends and good times As he looks up to the sky And tell a joke that no man should ever tell But it don’t bother him cause he’s seen both heaven and hell   ChorusRead More >

Down Town

By Jolly on June 6, 2013 in Songs

DowntownBy Dick Jonas When you get up at two o'clock in the morning You can bet you'll be - downtown Shaking your boots, you're sweating heavy all over Cause you get to go - downtown Smoke a pack of cigarettes before the briefings over Wishing you weren't bombing,wishing you were flying cover It's safer that way- It's hairy as hell down there- You know you're biting your nails and you're pulling your hair You're going downtown-where all the lights are bright Downtown-you'd rather switch than fight Downtown-hope you'll come home tonight - downtown, downtown Planning the route, you keep hoping that you won't have to go today-Downtown Checking the weather and it's scattered to broken So you still don't know-downtown Waiting for the guys in TOC to say you're cancelled Hoping that the "words" they give will be what suits your fancy Don't make me go-I'd much rather RTB And so you sit and you wait thinking,oh shit f--king hot I'm going downtown-that's why I'm feeling low Downtown-but I don't want go Downtown-going to see Uncle Ho-downtown, downtown Pistol Force-burners now-Bacrrauda has sweeping guns Disregard the launch light, no threat.Read More >

Fighter Pilots and Afterburner

By Rowdy on June 2, 2013 in Kickass Articles

Afterburner is one of the most kickass inventions of all time. It looks cool and sounds cool. Too bad the days of the hard light are gone though.Read More >

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